seven things on a friday

on the desk

1) this quote A photo posted by Charlotte Mason Living (@charlottemasonliving) on Jul 20, 2016 at 7:00am PDT 2) lights and pine’s favorite things list. seriously some good reads with annotations. this makes my librarian heart happy. some of my favorites via there lately: everything you love will die|the high price of people pleasing| this is what a feminist looks like| elsewhere these blogs made me think : recovering know-it-all|the terror of kindness 3) project tribe’s Instagram account loved this quote below + daeneal’s Instagram she cracks me up and warms my heart A photo posted by PROJECT TRIBE. Be The ✨Change✨ (@projecttribe) on Aug 20, 2016 at 11:13pm PDT 4) an embarrassing and very hilarious misunderstanding (maybe more about that at […]

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poetics and photos: hold how it is


  my life has snuck up on me. all this time, i have been waxing poetics and it’s been begging to be lived. and I feel like G-d snuggled in my heart and tugged me to H– , showed me my life and all it’s beauty. I feel like H– showed me that most of what i seek is already been given to me that i just need to show up. that is okay, if i just accept the gifts in front of me. to accept life and not struggle for it… that is so hard. years of programing had//have to be slashed and burned. roots had to be dug out and rerouted and the work is still not done. i […]

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