putting it all back together, again


  remember me talking about how I wanted my art space to be different. I was letting go of the whole studio idea. blah blah blah. well, I did. then b. mentioned he wanted one of my work tables for his desk and I gave it to him and then I realized that I really missed having a dedicated space for my (messy) work. And yes, I can work anywhere but I like and have the option of working right in my own little corner. I realized that it made me happy. it made me really happy to walk into this room. I don’t have to feel bad about my happiness. You see, I think I felt frivolous, that I did not […]

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poeming: we live here


we live here. the return from vacation has been challenging. I mean really challenging. three weeks of utter bliss and ease was poor preparation for getting back to the daily grind. I sorta feel like I am experiencing extreme culture shock coming back to virgina. we live here. I miss my extended family and close long-time friends and going on adventures each day. I miss being known deeply without question and judgement. I feel like I have been hustling and striving to proving that I am good enough to be here or there. to say this or that. to do or want whatever. it’s exhausting. it’s not how I want to live. it’s left me scattered and out of my heart. I keep trying to […]

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this week, I putting the finishing touches on my latest creative/visual journal. it’s always bittersweet to start a new journal and finish and old but, maybe, more so this time. this time, I really dived in and expanded my visual vocabulary and toolkit. this time I didn’t get as easily waylaid by perfection. although it definitely still visited/s. let’s be honest, this isn’t my first visual journal. I think I have about 3 or so in progress and one (other) one finished. all the journals serve different purposes and I use the in different ways (even if I am still using the same methods) . so, I don’t judge me for the volume.  however, this is the fastest I have ever finished up a creatives […]

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