• tinyhappy

    surrender and flow

    today, i was pursing youtube for something or another and came across a video of a woman dancing to “ice ice baby”. the dancing was not profound but the joy and excitement in the woman’s face inspired me to find the song and get my groove on. i found a mix on apple music called party starters and me and the kiddo had a delightful few hours dancing and stomping around. i can’t even remember the last time i just listened and enjoyed music with my body, without agenda. it felt so good. later, i wrote a little poem in the parking lot about letting go…which is the theme of…

  • tinyhappy,  writing

    every hour

    I have been rolling around with words today. saying too much. feeling so unfocused. there seems to be a lot of ideas and thoughts vying for attention from me these days. I want to keep things simple but things get complicated. complicated by the words I say or don’t. by the lateness of the day or the irritation in my bones. it’s advent. I want to be soft and holy. and maybe I am but I also feel full of fire and ice. it is hard to exist as you are without all the commentary, I tell myself. it is the commentary that feels too much like confession. but I…