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    planner notes

    this month, I finally got a handle on how to use my planner. if you can recall, I got this planner in july. at first I tried to use it like a traditional planner. then I tried to get all creative and such but none of those things worked.  it all came to a head in October when I did not use the planner but one day, the last one. And it was only after I had journaled a bit over  the remainder (empty pages)  of the month of that I got it.  I just do things and put them in the planner. sorta like a diary but one related to…

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    make your life

    make your life a celebration of something– something beautiful. something soaked in fierceness and truth. something dancing with gloriousness. something that makes your spirit feel bigger. brighter.   make it less about public confession and more about love making. less about complaining and more about doing the work.   keep your hands on the ground. let your heart be opened wide by fire and salt.   disengage to engage. fall apart in holy hands. eat wildflowers with gratitude.   make your life a miracle. that kisses, enfolds and spurs other miracles.   you can light the world up and million ways for good with a hungry and kind soul.

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    slowly creating

    this November, I had the earnest stars in my eyes to work on a novel. And I did. I got up every morning and wrote for 20 minutes on a piece of fiction. there are many reasons I wanted work on a piece of fiction. I think writing fiction helps hone story-telling skills. I like reading fiction and I use to write fiction.  I don’t need to tell you but I will. it was hard. really hard. mostly, because I was not reading enough and mostly because it was hard. you see, for the longest time, I had a story and characters that I wanted to bring to life. only on…