quite lovely

my Felicity Jane order came in Friday. the packaging is absolutely gorgeous and the supplies are so lovely that it really got me thinking about my other supplies. So I did a big clean out of my studio area today. it was exhausting because I had the bright idea that I could do it with two littles underfoot and also I was a bit peekish.

eventually, I got some sense and paused the whole operation until the littlest went to sleep and I was able to finish things up.

OH my I got rid of a lot of trash and recycling. for some reason, I wanted to hold onto every scrap of paper and fabric that I have ever seen. it felt good to let go and now I know where my things are which is a NEW NEW adventure.

In addition to all of that, I put some photos into a 4X6 album. it holds like 400 pics. My oldest was amazed that I had existed without being a his mom and was confused why I was with so many random people. I also got to see my old self and I can’t believe all the self-loathing I use to have. it was completely unnecessary because I was/am quite lovely.

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