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flowers, more

mid-winter moody sunshine an eight dollar arrangement. I just put it in a bit of water but I am really just going to dry them (the flowers) for play. it’s the gift that keeps giving.

art / creative practice

rekindling: a flower story

sometimes, it’s just a little spark a glimmer of memory that opens the world inside of you to yourself and you remember your own sweetness like a swan swimming towards her soulmate legs kicking water you, too have returned to Love.

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Living the questions

so I have been navigating an obstacle course of my own creating and settling into my new work corner. Slowly working but I want to go fast. I want to create all the things and understand who and what I am doing but I feel like I am at the beginning of beginnings. I have all these skills and interests… […]

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Freedom is a practice

Last night, i had a dream in dreams that I received a comment about how spacey, rambling and incomplete my work is here. In my dream, i was not hurt but i wanted to justify but something stopped me…and then i woke up. This morning my mantra was something about being inherently valuable (thank you Combahee River Collective for access […]

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I keep trying to write this post but everything feels to trite and preachy. I am listening to the some cello music that makes me feel so relaxed…i can’t even believe it. I just finished collecting and putting up my older journals in my archives. It felt so good to go down memory lane and see how my journaling has […]

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Showing up, a rambling of sorts

What i want to tell you is that life has been so strange these past six months. Not in a bad way. In a wonderfully hard way. Healing requires a bit of elbow grease and loads of self-compassion. Some days are better than others. Some days, I forget I was ever “sick” and then other days it hangs around my […]


Making art, again

Some of these were inspired by the “daily drawing challenge:31 art journal prompts with dawn deVries Sokol” on CreativebugMaterials- sketchbook used denik sketchbook, Holbein gouache, stabilio, sharpie, acrylic inks, American craft stickers, Carson mixed media paper.*Some images (that do not belong to be) are from mindful magazine, anthropology catalog, vogue magazine and Sabrina ward Harrison .

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Daily gratitude

There are a few gratitude challenges running this month that I enjoy- illustrated faith + in(courage). I started with the latter but found the illustrated faith one soon after. I really just like to read the scriptures associated with the prompts. It is a way for me ….to have a plan so to speak for bible reading. Otherwise, I would […]