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you are allowed to be free you are allowed to be unbothered you are allowed to choose what and who you allow access to you you are allowed to be safe you are allowed to heal you are allowed to be peaceful and self affirming you are allowed to be sovereign and holy as you are you are allowed to […]

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soft life

making fairy gardens watching the flowers sway in the wind morning outside on the deck with a cup of matcha putting up the tea shelves taking photos because it makes my heart sing messy desk in the corner near the window the feverfew has started to bloom the bees dancing in the lavender clover between my toes

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pink and red

the first flowers red sunshine the big umbrella connecting to the ground matcha green finding beauty in the waiting trusting that song

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let us give thanks-spring is here. it has been all the things: fierce and softunder our noses in our eyes and blessing us.

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telling you

there are so many things to write/tell. I feel like purging and telling this blog all the things but I am unlikely to do them any justice. so I will tell you I finished a collection of short stories by Agatha Christie (Hercule Poriot) and I am convinced the books are so much better than the show/movies. I will tell […]

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winter thangs

it’s school holidays. all regularly scheduled programs need adjustments. my thoughts are simple these days. cooking and sibling joys and tensions. the cat playing with my toes (rudely). feelings being felt. this time of year brings it all up. i am not where i thought i would be in some areas and i have to let myself be okay with […]

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dance like one

are there times when you feel like the lines are too tightand you must swim back towards your own knowing?what does your body say as it sinks into the softness of Johnson grass and purple nettle?do you understand that even here there is a story under stories?the earth is not needing a hero, again.more like attentionand deep devotionsit a spell […]