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pleasure principle

sometimes, I catch myself being harsh and punishing to myself for the most mundane of things. you know, being human… a wonderfully imperfect and slow mess…glorious things, really. I am wondering how I can drop that story of the need to fix and punish and instead embrace the mess and nurture what matters–me, the human. I mean, this is the […]

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change it all

i am writing this on a new to me laptop. i haven’t seriously worked on a laptop since the dinasour age when everyone had a personal laptop(and by everyone i am referring to college students) and was using blackboard to upload out assignments. oh wait, there was that brief and annoying interlude when i had a surface (inherited from my […]

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for the ancestors

for you made this world possible. for you sowed it from scratched. for you made it from ancient into new. all that is stolen never regained but alchemized by you. you are not forgotten. I honor your world making. I honor your “imposing beauty” into an inhospitable and inhumane situation forced upon you. you have always been beautiful…we will always […]

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The weather (random unedited thoughts)

Is weird again. And it feels strange to be commenting on it in such times but maybe watching the sky makes sense,in a way. There are times when I feel cloudy with thoughts and worry and I turn my eyes towards the sky or down to the dirt and watch an ant. I think thoughts and lament things but I […]

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There is nothing to prove You don’t have to get it perfect to be worthy of your deepest dreams Your blessings and your love are connected to the infinite heart of mercy. let it whirl upon your lip and drip into your heart full of its grace. Give thanks for the flood of sunshine and flowers They don’t belong to […]