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finding a way

finding a way to thrive nestle your body in the cracks and allow your own feet to root reaching for the goodness beyond knowing that gives a soul rest the truth is it’s so easy to get wrapped in others but you can’t bloom if you don’t know who you are let the sun turn in you and remind you […]

creative practice / photography


a garden is a delight to the eye and a solace for the soul Saadi a few garden and plant places that have been feeding my heart lately. it’s so hot and humid. getting out is tricky but the plants are always there waiting.

photography / self compassion


it’s been a full week. a full year. a full fullness. I am not complaining just observing the flowers the bees my own energy I use this little blog as a tether to the world a way to show up in my own small way to shout into the heavens and the earth that it matters beauty ugliness the smallness […]

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pink and red

the first flowers red sunshine the big umbrella connecting to the ground matcha green finding beauty in the waiting trusting that song

creative practice / photography / selflove

The daily flower

It’s always a pleasure to remix older bouquets. I think we’ve had these for close to a month. I just trimmed them and put them in a new container. The garden flowers are coming in but they seem so fragile -cosmos and roses. Or maybe I’m being precious because they are mine in a way these aren’t. I love seeing […]