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you are allowed to be free you are allowed to be unbothered you are allowed to choose what and who you allow access to you you are allowed to be safe you are allowed to heal you are allowed to be peaceful and self affirming you are allowed to be sovereign and holy as you are you are allowed to […]

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nature as nurturer

it’s high key high summer. all of the town (and surrounding areas) are summering hard. I have adjusted my expectations for summer many times. it’s always a shock that I can only do so much in a given day and yet it is freeing. I am learning so much on the ground as a mother, a parent, a partner and […]

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this must be the place

this must be the place where freedom was sown inside the seeds of cucumber and okra bodies activated our hearts one thread listening becoming — soft soil soaring infinte

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the truth is these days are so deliciously full when I sit out to think about words to capture it all there is no language for this just like there is no real language that can ever capture love and all it’s many forms or hate (for that matter) you know what it is by the way it makes you […]

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accept the passion

it is what saves you let it burn as fast or as softly as your voice yearns call out to it if you need to let it be a tossing bowl of emotions and desires fighting wildly in the streets of your heart it will sigh and dance unhinged and unashamed bowing to the sun caressing the sigh of the […]

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telling you

there are so many things to write/tell. I feel like purging and telling this blog all the things but I am unlikely to do them any justice. so I will tell you I finished a collection of short stories by Agatha Christie (Hercule Poriot) and I am convinced the books are so much better than the show/movies. I will tell […]

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more please

I am reading. it started innocently enough. I think I was trying to watch some Sherlock Holmes and then… oh I remember, I got the last one of the new twelve miss Marple collections books on the shelf at barnes and noble. it was a whim, really. I didn’t expect it to be so good. these things are usually hit […]

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I mentioned the photo dilemma to my resident computer expert and it is syncing issue that I don’t have the brain space to care about. that sounds silly but it’s true. I feel silly and ambivalent about technology. I can watch YouTube for ages and then I can barely spare a minute to look at the screen. recently, my nine […]

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do what works for you

find yourself. your true self. in the moment. live into it. when that feels too large or too tight. go outside. lean into the moment. smell the air. do something different. or do more of the same (as in the before times). every action (or inaction) has a natural consequences…good and/or bad…depending on how you look at it. there will […]