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more please

I am reading. it started innocently enough. I think I was trying to watch some Sherlock Holmes and then… oh I remember, I got the last one of the new twelve miss Marple collections books on the shelf at barnes and noble. it was a whim, really. I didn’t expect it to be so good. these things are usually hit […]

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the thing

It’s that time of year. you know when everyone is gathering thoughts and ambitions for the new year. it can be exciting or tiring or something in between for most of us to have a pact summary of our last year and an ambitious new things to be doing into the new year. however, if that feels like something you […]

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A digital & analog romance

Nope. Not the latest cyborg romance (is that even the correct word) ? Seriously it’s just me playing along with analog things (in my real life) and creating digital art. Tbh it’s actually not something I thought I would be interested in because I like paper. I really like paper. However, it turns out I enjoy figuring out digital paper […]

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i like

i like when i get up early enough to see the light become dappled and dancing on the left wall by the bookcases. i like when i get early enough to walk around for 10 or 15 minutes without dripping in sweat. i like when i hear the cicadas close by but not too close. i like when i find […]

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change it all

i am writing this on a new to me laptop. i haven’t seriously worked on a laptop since the dinasour age when everyone had a personal laptop(and by everyone i am referring to college students) and was using blackboard to upload out assignments. oh wait, there was that brief and annoying interlude when i had a surface (inherited from my […]

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I have been writing more these days but not online or even on a devices. just in a notebook. multiple notebooks. some of the things I really enjoy and would like to explore and maybe will transfer it to a document and make it official or not. sometimes I think that just the act of writing and showing up is […]

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Good food

“Gratitude is the food life”- londrelle The sun is shining and I am here. Words are here, too but I have returned to myself more and my mind is no longer full of them. That is a blessing. So here I am. Watching the elm tree outside grow towards the light. sometimes the little leaves part and just enough of […]