creative practice / writing

summer things

this summer has been fun/full. of all the. things. mostly parenting. plants and a good dose of art/making. it’s been clumsy and chaotic affair but deliciously human. gratitude permeates the land/me.

creative practice / writing

showing up softly

the sun ebbs but flows feeling like a chickadee fluttering in the oregano still tasting the oil in my own pores wanting the soft warmth to reveal me and the chicory flowers to forgive me for doubting they would ever bloom

self compassion / writing


watching birds or not reading or not reading doing or not doing don’t lament don’t even try to capture it just be /you

selflove / writing

this must be the place

this must be the place where freedom was sown inside the seeds of cucumber and okra bodies activated our hearts one thread listening becoming — soft soil soaring infinte

selflove / writing


the truth is these days are so deliciously full when I sit out to think about words to capture it all there is no language for this just like there is no real language that can ever capture love and all it’s many forms or hate (for that matter) you know what it is by the way it makes you […]

selflove / writing

accept the passion

it is what saves you let it burn as fast or as softly as your voice yearns call out to it if you need to let it be a tossing bowl of emotions and desires fighting wildly in the streets of your heart it will sigh and dance unhinged and unashamed bowing to the sun caressing the sigh of the […]

creative practice / writing

hot nectar

Love is a mysterious thing 44 minutes and the soup is done Sunlight piercing red hibiscus juice Holding onto the rose bush with pierced Hands If only you  Could stop Listening at the door Of time and  Other people‚Äôs  Head Maybe you would be Still like this morning chickadees Again Dancing on the branches that belong to the Wind Knowing […]

creative practice / writing

earth light

the clay right here feels unmovable but it changes and becomes loamy and soft under my feet as I walk to the rosebush and listen closely to her soft morning prayer. today the crows are flying overhead towards the tallest elm tree in the neighborhood . it’s close to trash day and that always brings the birds back. they are […]