Just do you

I’ve been keeping on keeping. Trying to incorporate more digital in my workflow because it’s less messy and more accessible (to me) during the day. I have been laying low on the internets, too…social media anxiety is real for me. There is just too much noise…even if you curate heavily…maybe one day I will figure it out better but for […]

artjournaling / creative practice


this afternoon, I was looking at some of my old journals. I think I was trying to understand my style journey. I still don’t understand that but I just want to keep creating things I like. I have a small stack of journals that are just meh. they have no soul in them. it is hard to explain. it’s not […]

artjournaling / creative practice

You are loved

I really don’t set out to cover the whole page. it just happens. I love the blue and pinks. the circles, the flowers, polka dots and woman sticker ( Elaine Michelle Etsy). this process is pretty simple. I do a bit of reading. I listen to some music. In this case Jesus Culture’s 2nd album and I go with the […]

creative practice / tinyhappy

One Little Word

I finally got around to working in my official one little word album. Initially I was just going to include it in my regular scrap/therapy albums but decided to be a little more intentional with things. I got the album, dividers and cards from Ali Edward’s website in December. Some of bits are from blinks of life, clique kits and […]


Faith Scrapping

A bit of paint, stickers, collage and music. This is the message bible (transliteration) journaling bible. I think I’ve had this for over a year and this may be my second spread. It’s a bit of a mess but I really enjoyed making it… i’m sure there is a metaphor in there somewhere.


current read

my word for the year is courage. so this book seemed like a good fit. I am not going to hold myself to 100 consecutive days (although it would be great if I could) of reading. i’m taking it easy lately. lots of scrap therapy and family time. my oldest is obbessed with building a garden. I hate to tell […]

creative practice / tinyhappy

all the notebooks

im really loving all the notebooks. Part of me wants to feel like I should simplify and commit but nope..i’m just going to play. I decorated these covers with patches, paperboys, scrapbook paper, old art/postcards and old art work. The one with the photo (a old postcard of Jamaica Kincaid ) is my scrap therapy book. The other one with […]

creative practice / self compassion / tinyhappy

what makes you happy?

things I like to include in my art—- faces mark making papers flowers/botanical shapes lines/sketchy lines colors words via stickers photos die cuts paints stickers little notes to myself on reflection, I can see that in some ways, visual elements have gently replaced my writing. I don’t know if I think that is a problem. in the past, I have […]

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quite lovely

my Felicity Jane order came in Friday. the packaging is absolutely gorgeous and the supplies are so lovely that it really got me thinking about my other supplies. So I did a big clean out of my studio area today. it was exhausting because I had the bright idea that I could do it with two littles underfoot and also […]