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Living the questions

so I have been navigating an obstacle course of my own creating and settling into my new work corner. Slowly working but I want to go fast. I want to create all the things and understand who and what I am doing but I feel like I am at the beginning of beginnings. I have all these skills and interests… […]

creative practice / self compassion / selflove


There has to be a part of me. Of us. Of life. With all it’s sorted parts. That keeps reaching. Not only for light but dirt. And flowers. Paper and water. Look. Feast. Thrive. Sit down. In the meantime on the remains of last winter and the winter before with dirty toes and open hands. A tiny parade of sugar […]

self compassion / writing


These day feel slow and fast ticking. Like a collision of breathlessness and endless waiting. Waiting in the distance between spaces of who we will become. Waiting for Who I will become again and who I will be anew.    A small pile of weeks to keep me company. A small pile of worries to dissolve. To hide under. Unless. […]