creative practice / memory

Trees I have loved

Sometimes it’s a memory that puts you back in the frame of mind to receive The goodness and give thanks that it has found you again. Drawing imaginary worlds from real Hearts is beautiful Prayer.

Personal - null / self compassion


There is nothing to prove You don’t have to get it perfect to be worthy of your deepest dreams Your blessings and your love are connected to the infinite heart of mercy. let it whirl upon your lip and drip into your heart full of its grace. Give thanks for the flood of sunshine and flowers They don’t belong to […]

self compassion / writing

rising with mystery

these past few weeks have been all over the road emotionally, mentally and physically. i’ve not tried to contain or explain them (in great depth) but i have tried to be honest with myself about what is happening. one thing that keeps coming up is my “need” to control all the things and the fact that i have very little […]