surrender and flow

today, i was pursing youtube for something or another and came across a video of a woman dancing to “ice ice baby”. the dancing was not profound but the joy and excitement in the woman’s face inspired me to find the song and get my groove on. i found a mix on apple music called party starters and me and […]


stories: imperfect motherhood, imperfect art

this has been a intense week for many people in the world and the US, myself include. Not just politics and crazy weather (which is political now, too) but balancing my own life. you see, being pregnant and being an active mother and wife are not always easy things for me. if I am honest, I have dropped the ball […]


stories: nice and good

I remember sitting at Punjab with five of my classmates from our women in religion class. It was a great class and we were excited about what we were learning about women and community building and we got along. if you ever been in a seminar type class, you know how comradeship can set the tone for a class. a […]