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pink and red

the first flowers red sunshine the big umbrella connecting to the ground matcha green finding beauty in the waiting trusting that song

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more please

I am reading. it started innocently enough. I think I was trying to watch some Sherlock Holmes and then… oh I remember, I got the last one of the new twelve miss Marple collections books on the shelf at barnes and noble. it was a whim, really. I didn’t expect it to be so good. these things are usually hit […]

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the thing

It’s that time of year. you know when everyone is gathering thoughts and ambitions for the new year. it can be exciting or tiring or something in between for most of us to have a pact summary of our last year and an ambitious new things to be doing into the new year. however, if that feels like something you […]

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i like

i like when i get up early enough to see the light become dappled and dancing on the left wall by the bookcases. i like when i get early enough to walk around for 10 or 15 minutes without dripping in sweat. i like when i hear the cicadas close by but not too close. i like when i find […]

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squash fan club

this week we went to a office park that houses the company my husband works at. the landscaping was truly amazing. I fangirled. considered moving closer so I could visit the grounds. you know how the minds is? then, the full moon came and the days leading up to it was full of little tired little girls and tired little […]

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A soft revolution, continuing,

View fullsize View fullsize View fullsize View fullsize View fullsize View fullsize View fullsize View fullsize View fullsize View fullsize View fullsize View fullsize I am who I am doing what I came to do – Audre Lorde These days, i am learning. Softly. Embracing what i don’t know. Realizing some of my own blind spots. Especially as it comes […]

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Rowing, again

I wrote a post for this blog. Only to find myself switching blog platforms and trying to merge blogs…this used a lot of brain power and somewhere along the way i lost what i wrote. I have to tell you, i thought the writing was quite beautiful and i wish i was one of those people who actually wrote her […]

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bits and pieces of creativity & life

“Manifest plainness,Embrace simplicity,Reduce selfishness,Have few desires” — lao tzu         *note: all images except the cut magazine images (in the collages parts) are mine. the magazine images are from old issues of art journal magazine, click magazine and the woman is from an unknown source(found on the Internets (if you know the source, please share)…i will try […]

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art ramblings and voice

this evening,  i finally made it to my studio. i am not painting much (or at all) these days. i don’t know why. i find myself mostly drawn to collage, markers and writing. it seems simple and i hope sustainable. so, i culled my working notebooks even more. i feel almost notebook naked working with just a handful of notebooks. […]