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    stories: imperfect motherhood, imperfect art

    this has been a intense week for many people in the world and the US, myself include. Not just politics and crazy weather (which is political now, too) but balancing my own life. you see, being pregnant and being an active mother and wife are not always easy things for me. if I am honest, I have dropped the ball and curled up on the couch more times than I can count. I imagine this is normal. it takes a lot of work to make a baby. still, I feel like I should be stronger and doing more and accepting my limitations is not easy.     of course, I…

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    stories: nice and good

    I remember sitting at Punjab with five of my classmates from our women in religion class. It was a great class and we were excited about what we were learning about women and community building and we got along. if you ever been in a seminar type class, you know how comradeship can set the tone for a class. a little backstory, I went to a small liberal arts college ( mostly white but committed racial dialogue and social justice (not perfect but trying to the issues of our time ), in the quasi-south.  I imagine my experience would have been slightly different, if I had done my studies at…

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    there is so much going on in the world, as usual. so much to hold in our hearts and to do, as usual. the medicine is to chose to do what you can and do it with all your heart. you see, our hearts are so miraculous. we forget that our prayers can move mountains and our actions can help protect lives near and far. we are so powerful. we just get so distracted by the shiny people selling us a life. when we already have this magical miracle in our bones waiting to dance down walls and nourish generations. we keep waiting for the powers to that be recognize…