Imaginary worlds

Materials |Gouache , watercolor, ink, and marker. Scotch tapePaper includes some pieces of Sabrina ward Harrison (and the questions) Daphne’s diary (little pieces of flower collage bits) maybe an image from Bella grace (yarn) and vintage papers. I think there is also a sticker from a planner sticker pack(probably happy planner) and some tabs from wanderlust (everythingartuk).



Materials |For these pages I used a sticker pack called faith warriors, thickers (from American crafts), Washi tape, tissue paper from Tim Holt’s and some vintage papers. Also used some gouache, stabilo, oil pastels, scribble sticks and some random bible is the message canvas bible and I do use it exclusively for bible journaling so I am okay with […]



“Prayer is not asking for what you think you want, but asking to be changed in ways you can’t imagine.” ― Kathleen Norris

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Wild simplicity daybook and my faux junk journal insert

It’s a faux junk journal because I made a little watercolor sketchbook (using pamphlet stitch), modified it to fit inside the day book cover and then I glue or sew the junk journal pieces onto the sketchbook😩.it gives me the illusion of a junk journal with the possibility and stability of a sketchbook.I really enjoy making sketchbooks…as long as I […]

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thoughts on gathering inspiration and/or supplies with intention

I have taken quite a few Jeanie Oliver classes and in all of them she mentions gathering your inspiration and/or material. it’s always beautiful and interesting to watch but honestly, I never really did it for myself. lately, I have been trying to simplify my process and work with more intention….so I am (finally) giving the whole gathering thing a […]

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lately- I found all my old photo editing apps Blocked a few addictive websites and apps (for the time being)! Pride and prejudice fan fiction makes me so happy Trying to figure out where all my pens went….but seriously where are they? Afternoon art dates with my oldest 🥰 Writing again. Slow. Steady and Messy. Oil paints . Love their […]

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I am obsessed with this chili I made it last night in my big dutch oven that I got when I got my first apartment. it was part of a set of pans that one of my old boyfriend’s mother’s got for me. it was kind gesture. I just was not ready for it and neither was that situation. I […]



books I like- poems genre fiction cookbooks yoga books art books spirituality books decorating books fan fiction books children’s books I have given up on reading literally blockbusters (for the most part). I am not really a blockbuster type of woman. my favorite movies are Love Jones and Agatha and the storm, after all…very slow moving movies tbh. my favorite […]