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the thing

It’s that time of year. you know when everyone is gathering thoughts and ambitions for the new year. it can be exciting or tiring or something in between for most of us to have a pact summary of our last year and an ambitious new things to be doing into the new year. however, if that feels like something you […]

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winter thangs

it’s school holidays. all regularly scheduled programs need adjustments. my thoughts are simple these days. cooking and sibling joys and tensions. the cat playing with my toes (rudely). feelings being felt. this time of year brings it all up. i am not where i thought i would be in some areas and i have to let myself be okay with […]

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I mentioned the photo dilemma to my resident computer expert and it is syncing issue that I don’t have the brain space to care about. that sounds silly but it’s true. I feel silly and ambivalent about technology. I can watch YouTube for ages and then I can barely spare a minute to look at the screen. recently, my nine […]

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how you tell it

the birds are out today. so are the squirrels. I had a glorious few minutes of watching them drink from puddles on the deck. if only my computer and this blog could work in unison I would have photos to show. however, that is just not the case and I haven’t the mind to try and figure it out nor […]


going slower than slow in a non aesthetic way

the truth that is hard for me to accept some days is that i am slow. things take time for me. i like complicated complex things (including myself) and it just takes more time than i would like to admit to do these things. yes, i can do things fast and hard and even do them well and feel good. […]