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Find little tremors of beauty in the day. In the camera roll. Open the window. Go outside before it gets too hot. Let things drop and roll. Gather your thoughts and prayers for your family and your world. Let them sing with the crickets over the green. Let it be. as it is. Okay.

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The biggest disadvantage of this little brick house is that on very cloudy days the internet is the pits. The hubby claims clouds and weather has nothing to do with cables and fibers and that seems very logical but I still disagree. Having lived in these walls for almost six years I know a few thangs that defy logic. Like […]

creative practice / tinyhappy

More scribbles

I’ve been enjoying just picking this (current) sketchbook up and playing when I get a free moment …usually at night or in the morning…tbh. Anyways, there is about no expectations just helps me keep showing up. It’s good to have a little flow after a bit of a break.


Journal flip (full)

This a little journal my hubby and oldest little got for me ….I was not sure how I was going to use it. Not using one side of the paper feels almost nutty but it helps with the whole messy transfer thing…which could be nixed with fixative but whose got time for that… I will confess that I feared that […]



The only way I know to deal with the sadness, the grief…the uncertainty is to keep moving. It sounds trite and maybe it’s not the textbook answer but it helps me keep one foot in front of the other and my heart softer. These days have been so thick and twisty but I try to solve the world…even my own […]