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these days are hot and sticky we sit under trees that don’t belong to anyone but themselves the rain is promised but trickles so slowly the mornings find me torn to water or not “nourish what matters,” a voice says. so I fill the can and give the earth what I have

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All day

It takes all day I think it’s the piney woods in me. I start thinking about it a few days before.  Imagining the side dishes. The spices. Even the weather. In my imagination, it’s about 10 degrees cooler, but hey the ac is a good bridge to reality.  The day comes and I soak the peas. Or are they beans? […]

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i like

i like when i get up early enough to see the light become dappled and dancing on the left wall by the bookcases. i like when i get early enough to walk around for 10 or 15 minutes without dripping in sweat. i like when i hear the cicadas close by but not too close. i like when i find […]

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change it all

i am writing this on a new to me laptop. i haven’t seriously worked on a laptop since the dinasour age when everyone had a personal laptop(and by everyone i am referring to college students) and was using blackboard to upload out assignments. oh wait, there was that brief and annoying interlude when i had a surface (inherited from my […]

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squash fan club

this week we went to a office park that houses the company my husband works at. the landscaping was truly amazing. I fangirled. considered moving closer so I could visit the grounds. you know how the minds is? then, the full moon came and the days leading up to it was full of little tired little girls and tired little […]

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collage care

this week, I’ve been very inspired by Laurie Kanye’s book, collage care. I ordered it last year or early this year and am just now taking it off the shelf. I was not sure what to expect from the book as I do not consider myself a collagist but rather a glue booker but maybe it’s all the same. so […]