collage care

this week, I’ve been very inspired by Laurie Kanye’s book, collage care. I ordered it last year or early this year and am just now taking it off the shelf.

I was not sure what to expect from the book as I do not consider myself a collagist but rather a glue booker but maybe it’s all the same. so I have been making all the collages.

actually, if I am honest before I even read the book, I rearranged my little work space to have more access to my collage materials and put most of the loose supplies (aka paint and what not) in the little closet to my right on a shelf.

mentally, it has been very productive. however, I really do enjoy like the whole getting lost element of collage that I don’t always seem to access when using paint. maybe this feeling of flow comes because I just don’t feel obligated to make anything great ( or original) but I do feel inspired to make things that are true or feel good.