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you are not alone

I made this this morning while my fake coffee was settling itself. Yes, it turns out caffeine and my nerves are just mortal enemies. I used a sketchbook( my sons) I found on the kitchen floor and some watercolors (also my sons I found on the deck) However, this is not about me. or art materials. It’s about us. Yesterday, […]

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Rowing, again

I wrote a post for this blog. Only to find myself switching blog platforms and trying to merge blogs…this used a lot of brain power and somewhere along the way i lost what i wrote. I have to tell you, i thought the writing was quite beautiful and i wish i was one of those people who actually wrote her […]

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What do i know

What do i know for sure— I am here in my little studio nook. We just watched church on the Telly. I stopped watching Broadchurch. It was well-done but too sad for these times. I have need more tactile experiences these days. Lots of writing and drawing. Cutting and pasting. I am back on the coffee train. My brain needs […]