filling the well

Making art depends upon noticing things — things about yourself, your methods, your subject matter. Sooner or later, for instance, every visual artist notices the relationship of the line to the picture’s edge. Before that moment the relationship does not exist; afterwards it’s impossible to imagine it not existing. And from that moment on every new line talks back and […]


coffee and jam

My sleep has been all over the place. so I quit coffee yet again. we went to the aquarium  because my oldest is turning five And I drunk a doctored cup of  spicy hot chocolate  to help with the (post) Coffee crud Now  all i want to do is slow things down and touch the small slices of jam between […]

artjournaling / creative practice / self compassion / writing

good for my soul.

I recently counted my art journals. well, the ones I could find and discovered I had completed about 20 or so. that is so crazy to me. TBH, I have been awful at photographing and flipping through them but hopefully, I will improve on that front soon. seeing these stacks reminded me how far I have come and that this […]



You can learn  So much from  The messy edges Don’t run from them Embrace them Let them live in the small Wind of your stomach Braiding you  Back to your  Ancestors Alive


the truth

I swore I would tell the truth. even if it’s hard. especially if it’s hard. so here it is… I was depressed. Anxious Sad. On. Edge. But also so happy. Overwhelmed with possibility but dragging in agency. I didn’t know it. I didn’t know that closing down and running away was just my way of coping. Am I better?…healed. I […]