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small gluebook collages

This past week has been full and time to create has been scarce. I am not complaining but I am thinking about creative practice and all that jazz. I have been doing a lot of collaging with the hopes of enticing myself to journal. However, now I am thinking I just might collage for the sake of collage and journal […]



Park at sunset. Winter light can be so beautiful. Way too much running around today. Groceries had to be bought. Candles, too. Also, I made a load of paper bag journals. Wasted time searching the Internet for photo albums for my one little word this year. Usually, I avoid things line little words and yearly intentions but this upcoming year […]


Faffing About

Faffing about again. It’s been a while…maybe years. Can’t wait to see what unfolds. Chasing the light again feels good.  P.S. happy holidays!!!


the point

somewhere along the way, i internalized the idea that it was better to be opinion-less, emotionless, and benign. somewhere, i got the notion that these things would keep me protected, safe and powerful. of course, this is a nice lie. it sounds good in our head but usually has nothing to really do with us and love and lots to […]


slow stitching

i recently, on whim, picked up claire wellesley-smith’s slow stitch at my local library branch. i greedily read it one night when i was afflicted with insomnia. the book is not a how-to per say but it was very inspirational to me. i went to my closet where i had been hoarding a zillion pounds of thread and floss and […]

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bits and pieces of creativity & life

“Manifest plainness,Embrace simplicity,Reduce selfishness,Have few desires” — lao tzu         *note: all images except the cut magazine images (in the collages parts) are mine. the magazine images are from old issues of art journal magazine, click magazine and the woman is from an unknown source(found on the Internets (if you know the source, please share)…i will try […]

self compassion

Happy birthday grandma

I wish you were here. The holidays are hard. You take for granted someone will be there and then they are not. Sending love to all those missing someone this holiday season.


Tiny Happy : handmade book

I am just working in my handmade book. It’s so relaxing…slinging paint. I do think I have too many signatures in it. Also, I have updated my art journal page with some of my new pages.



I should title this learning to breathe because it feels like it is a season of that. I wake up feeling so jumbled and tired sometimes and the only thing that works is loosening my shoulders and inhabiting my breath. There are days I feel ashamed of my lack of progress but I have to remind myself I am not […]

creative practice

on remembering

it’s not always about the stuff you think is worth remembering. Sometimes it’s about the stuff you wish you could forget. Give it language until you’ve written it into history—and give it the chance to sting as it caterwauls out of you. Sing a new song out of yourself. Write the lyrics—they tear down walls between darkness and your new […]