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The hearts danced On the window while the light rose up Leaving Me capable Of holding These wild winds again

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last night the whole yard was baked with moonlight and clouds. I looked up at the bigness and opened my heart. the moon being as kind as she could be shone brighter. She held me tight and gave me dreams that moved into the morning like a lullaby. She took all my laments and promised them to the sun. The […]

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don’t resist good things

You don’t have to resist.Let the goodness flow to you. You don’t have to make a way The way is straight ahead. Trust your steps are guided. What am I resisting and why?Pain, growth?All the above? What if I stopped and slowed down?Let my fear rise up and choke me? Then I could grab hold of it and see it’s […]


the way

Find a piece of land and set your heart rightLet the mountains remain where they must because it is not your job to move them all Maybe you move nothing and instead sleep in the hands of the holy one as you are carried into the softness of your being maybe, you need to scale to new heights to see […]

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Walk on the water

Stop listening to voices that aren’t yours Voices that would make you doubt your purpose and power. Get the broom from the closet and sweep it all away. What remains is what belongs but if that feels too tight it’s okay to sweep again until the bones are healed and the foundation mended. Beyond words there is the water that […]

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The sweetness

You know what that you cannot run away from the broken things So you adjust your path and return with the healing oil. You pour it onto the soil of your bodies And become fragrant with green hope. The cleansing of the wind whispers in your soul. And you dance on the clay floor under the hibiscus with another’s hand […]

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Good food

“Gratitude is the food life”- londrelle The sun is shining and I am here. Words are here, too but I have returned to myself more and my mind is no longer full of them. That is a blessing. So here I am. Watching the elm tree outside grow towards the light. sometimes the little leaves part and just enough of […]

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Stopping to start

Take care of your own space inside and you will always be in alignment. However, if you find yourself bent out of shape and sorts gather what is yours and free yourself from what is not again. The heavens can hold other Peoples’s energies and selves better than your body so give it to them. This is how the distance […]

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We are filled With water And sunshine at birth Somehow. The layers of my mother’s dreams live in my mouth too long. My great aunt’s fears lodged in my hips. Who am I but soil and soul trying to reconcile and remember my own thoughts? Somehow. I am here weeding and praying over this land, this body. Asking for help […]