don’t resist good things

You don’t have to resist.
Let the goodness flow to you.

You don’t have to make a way
The way is straight ahead.

Trust your steps are guided.

What am I resisting and why?
Pain, growth?
All the above?

What if I stopped and slowed down?
Let my fear rise up and choke me?

Then I could grab hold of it and see it’s many faces. Dig through its eyes and mouth and tender muscles until I root out what is mine to hold and give the rest of the mess back to its owners.

Or the earth in ceremony and it’s soft points will receive it.

the earth will even take my fear castles and alchemize them for kindling and food.

The world is remade everyday.
Does not the G-d of light and love come and fill you up

in the morning when you ask

and take from you what you no longer can handle..should you dare give it away?

Sit here on this piece of vine and let it engulf you until you remember you were created by the same merciful hands and you will find your way to thrive in this water, too.

Time and time again you have been called from the deep

and the water has frighten and hung to your limbs…
your very bones quaked inside your throat
but you took it in and allowed it to be changed unto nourishment .

You opened your soul

and saw your belly filled with good things.

so stop fretting, child.

allow the tide to come and your hands to open.

let the salty water give you home and goodness.