living into celebration

the holiday season has snuck upon us. well, me. I mean, I knew it was coming but I just didn’t realize it was coming so soon this year. my family was never one for traditional holidays in a traditional way but big holidays remind me of the gatherings we would have my aunts. I don’t know if I considered them […]

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do what works for you

find yourself. your true self. in the moment. live into it. when that feels too large or too tight. go outside. lean into the moment. smell the air. do something different. or do more of the same (as in the before times). every action (or inaction) has a natural consequences…good and/or bad…depending on how you look at it. there will […]

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more on peaches

I ate all the fancy vanilla peaches. not all at once. although, they were so good I could see that happening. I ate them slowly over a week, it was big but small jar. I loved them but the place I got them is 30 minutes to hour away. not awfully far but way too far for one jar of […]

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pleasure principle

sometimes, I catch myself being harsh and punishing to myself for the most mundane of things. you know, being human… a wonderfully imperfect and slow mess…glorious things, really. I am wondering how I can drop that story of the need to fix and punish and instead embrace the mess and nurture what matters–me, the human. I mean, this is the […]