more on peaches

I ate all the fancy vanilla peaches. not all at once. although, they were so good I could see that happening.

I ate them slowly over a week, it was big but small jar.

I loved them but the place I got them is 30 minutes to hour away. not awfully far but way too far for one jar of peaches. those peaches opened my tasted buds, though.

so I’ve been working out a hack with frozen peaches, lemon juice, vanilla extract and coconut sugar…it’s not as sexy but it sure does make me happy.

there is something else that I am working towards that makes me happy but feel impossible some days( the goal) . it is not impossible….it’s like those vanilla peaches…yes, the original ones are best but the one I worked to make hit the spot,too.

maybe it is enough.

maybe I am doing enough…let’s feast on peaches, shall we?