Stitches and verses

so.I set up a little stitching situation in an old pencil case. It’s a little janky because one of the hinges is messed up but it serves its purpose alright.I also, I cleared off my desk and gave myself a bit of mental space…I am pondering if I want to do a very tame version of national novel writing month. […]


Bible journaling in a happy planner

I refurbished my happy planner to use as a bible journaling /scripture writing book. It is nothing fancy. Just card stock. Magazine clippings. Scrapbook paper and stickers. And doodles galore.


things I like, a list

ripping pages out of old books and magazines and glueing them into journals. crunchy leaves green beans (not frozen though) jars of pens buttons (although I never actually sew them on anything) rainy nights/I sleep so well big glue sticks. I really do enjoy them more than the smaller ones…even though they are really the same. gummies washi tape kale […]

art / memory / selflove

Freedom feels

There is glory in smallness.I am learning this as I explore what creative practice means to me .It is so easy to get wrapped up in what everyone else is doing but true freedom comes in learning and honoring whatever works for me…in this season of life.I am learning|How to leave space.To explore.To start again.To go small.To let things be.That […]

art / memory

Happy accidents

I downloaded the hipstamatic app again. Gah. It’s so fun. & My kiddos love taking pictures with it because of the filters.Today I was playing around with it and doing and exercise from “get unstuck” by Danielle krysa (the jealous creator). The toddler played happily in the couch and chalkboard (🥴🤗).I remember how I use to take pictures of random […]


Keep going

This morning I just felt inspired to paint. I have been slowly working through a creative bug class about creative block.Yes, I know…I don’t think I’m creatively blocked 👀🤔🤦🏿‍♀️ but it’s a fun and simple class.Plus, it’s motivated me to get my paints out. So there’s that.More inspiration—Also, Loving this podcastThis sermonSimone biles is the best and also so inspiring!

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Being mindful in our creative practice, by actively choosing to prioritize the space and time for ourselves, brings attention to our internal core. Focusing on even just one thing makes us slow down a little from the rush of everyday life. Mindful making is about more than simply stitching or knitting something beautiful it is about learning how to bring […]

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this is art, too

the truth is I can’t keep up. I don’t know how I use to paint every night when the toddler was a baby. maybe it was just excitement but lately, I can really go ages without picking up a paintbrush. I am sort of relieved that it is not an obsession anymore and also perplexed. I wonder if I am […]



this is a piece from one my old sketchbooks. feel so relevant these days for my insides. have a lovely Sunday.