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It’s been what it has been

I’ve been watching the sky, again. Picking slugs off greens Trying and failing to not judge People’s opinions, actions, dogs or lack there of. This morning I picked a line of carefully chewed bark off the steps… Gifts from the toddler Almost Caught in the rain But the wind reminded me of home And my grandmother and the storm bloc […]

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The weather (random unedited thoughts)

Is weird again. And it feels strange to be commenting on it in such times but maybe watching the sky makes sense,in a way. There are times when I feel cloudy with thoughts and worry and I turn my eyes towards the sky or down to the dirt and watch an ant. I think thoughts and lament things but I […]

creative practice / selflove

Making and loving

So I have been playing around. With no expectation or goal. Just joy. And it works for me. I think no matter what I want my work to feel joyful like visual lemonade to my soul. Yes there are parts that may read like flavored cod live oil (my version of a bad drink) but let it mostly read like […]

creative practice / self compassion / selflove / writing

what feels good

Sometimes for me life says —to get off the internets make a life worth living no matter what. You owe that to humanity. Be creative with your energy and your attention. Somehow in this confusion Find a way to feel worthy to find what feels good. And if possible share it with someone. I like to recall a story I […]

creative practice / selflove

Accepting the glue

At some point it wasn’t enough Glue and paper At some point I wanted to be original And that was not bad but it wasn’t really what offered me comfort I think there is a place for creating original pieces of art (for the self or to sell) and there is a space of just doing what makes you happy […]