what feels good

Sometimes for me life says —to get off the internets make a life worth living no matter what. You owe that to humanity. Be creative with your energy and your attention. Somehow in this confusion

Find a way to feel worthy

to find what feels good. And if possible share it with someone.

I like to recall a story I learned in Bible study about the wall of Jericho. And the people of Israel walking around it until the whole thing collapsed. Say what you will(about the inclusion or exclusion of tales in the Bible) this has always stood out in a powerful way. There is a power in our collective attention and movement. And g-d is not far away (even if it feels that way). We are being led and tended to by a shepherd whose voice is softer than time ( it can seem) but powerful, still. And when we find our voices and use them as we must the world can be reformed …if only in a smaller ratios … but maybe like a flood of sense…it seeps into the ground and everything must change.

Can we listen beneath all the noise and get to the heart of the matter in ourselves and our world? What does that feel like? Love like? Love like? How can we make it feel good for ourselves as we return to our own goodness? Is that even posible? And if not how limited is our world? What does that mean in the here and now?

what does it feel like to acknowledge and honor the despair and confusion of the world (inner and/or outer) but to keep on sowing what feels good, anyways.

Yes, touch the ground with your heart opened wide. Keep dropping the roots and shoots deep. Keep wrestling with g-d and walking around or into solutions with a creative bent in your mind.

Find a way to keep bearing good fruit. Abiding and doing good. And make it feel as you need it to feel… full of possibilities and goodness. Full of whatever arises but knowing that no matter what you are good. Trusting you are worthy of being and abiding in goodness. Yes. Keep sowing what is good.