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morning light

most mornings. I like to– to the watch the trees dance. their lives outside my window. sometimes- I go out and breathe them in. let the wind cup my face like a long lost lover. this morning- I woke up singing a song that I have forgotten the words to…but know the melody by heart. it’s in my head and […]

memory / writing

hope in my hands

I’ve been at it again. collecting books from the library that I really have no time to read. I really can’t help it though. stacks of books are like a comfort food for me. I think it’s because growing up I was surrounded by them. I can remember the first time I went to the public library in my town. […]

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and the sun was shining, too

I am writing this with a face full of sunshine. it has been an early morning. I actually went to bed at a decent time and woke up with the sunrise and had some dandy blend and a apple. I did some meditation and a bit of sketching. then started listening to a podcast and stitching. If you know anything […]


beautiful and okay

the truth is that I had lots of grand ambitions for summer blogging that fell really short after I realized that I have very limited mental space with two small littles underfoot. maybe if I did this or that I would have more time or space but I am all for least amount of effort and priorities…some days. so I […]