and the sun was shining, too


I am writing this with a face full of sunshine. it has been an early morning. I actually went to bed at a decent time and woke up with the sunrise and had some dandy blend and a apple. I did some meditation and a bit of sketching. then started listening to a podcast and stitching.

If you know anything about me. you know that my grandma was a great sewer. she got her first sewing machine through a readers digest contest but she was also a prolific hand-sewer.

sewing reminds me of her.

her taking her huge glasses out and asking me to help her thread a needle when she was older. her collection of fabric. her hexagon quilt. her taking in all my clothes because I was so teeny back then.

summer reminds of going down to the creek and fishing and berry picking, peaches and wild grapes.

I feel lonesome for my grandmas garden and her famous greens.

they tore down that old house we lived in

when I saw the spot where it once stood

surrounded by two cedar of Lebanons and circled by pines

my heart hurt just a bit

but I felt my souls sigh too.

so many memories made and invaded in that little house.

it broke us

and gave us life in the same breath.

life is complicated like that.

even now…

I remember the sky swimming in blue and kissing the top

of the trees that were left.

and the sun was shining, too.

2 thoughts on “and the sun was shining, too

  1. Your stitching fingers have been very busy!I hand-sewed this really peculiar little “sketch” after my Nanna died…I couldn’t seem to write or draw or any of the usual things that give me ease, but sewing that weird little picture and stitching the words “i really miss you” helped enormously.I should probably do more of that.xoxops. I love your words.

    1. thank you! I have been busy because I have been trying to cut down on the internet stuff and that opens up a lot of time. like you I have a love/hate relationship with sm. I find that I am happier when I am less consuming things and more making things. my poor brain can only hold so much information. the whole reason I started to try to draw portraits was because I want to paint portraits of my memories of my grandmother. I feel you…

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