beautiful and okay

the truth is that I had lots of grand ambitions for summer blogging that fell really short after I realized that I have very limited mental space with two small littles underfoot.

maybe if I did this or that I would have more time or space but I am all for least amount of effort and priorities…some days.

so I find myself with a quiet evening upon me. well semi-quiet because the family is outside for a little run about. fresh air tires little out, they say.

I have been all over the place these days and pressing on…if that makes sense. I have made lots of biscuits, bread(flat) and tortillas this summer and a cake or two, too. oh and cookies.

somehow I became a baker after years of declaring I never would and it makes me happy. I am nothing fancy but I secretly squeal that I know a few recipes by heart (via cookbooks and the internets, of course).

I think what keeps me from writing with any regularity is that I live a very pedestrian life. I don’t have any complaints about that but I am also not prone to lots of moments of poetic insight either. although, I can do a run-on like nobody’s business.

I have taken up slow stitching and book binding these days. I don’t even know who I am but I just enjoy making things with my hands. nothing fancy. nothing to alert the press about…just pure joy.

I still like words. I have dreams of writing stories and poems again but just can’t seem to get myself together to do it.

I like to think I am incubating and one day I will just sit down and forest of words will greet my pages.

or not.

I am okay with just making books and bread and writing little snippets of life here(this blog) and there(in my journals).

this post seems contrary and it’s really not suppose to be that way. like I said, I am all over the place.

I think what I really want to say–is sometimes we think things are suppose to be one way and they are another and that is still beautiful and okay.

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  1. Yes, to all of this. And, for the record, I mostly like to read about ordinary lives…because I live one of those too and am blissfully content with not being very exciting.I love to bake…but it’s a winter thing for me. I can’t bear to turn on the oven in the summer. :)xoxo

    1. lol. we have a/c but it does heat up the kitchen some…it has been ridiculously hot here (in the eastern US, I haven’t done as much as I would like). I think I am drawn to ordinary people, too…because there is something beautiful in simplicity…that isn’t contrived. sometimes I think I should be doing more exciting things but then I do and I have to recover from them. lol.

  2. Very happy to have come across your blog.Isn’t it lovely, now and then… ? Looking for something…? And finding it? Actually finding, more than one ‘it.’Have been wanting and looking for a certain kind of blogging. And… I have found a few! -happy sigh-Oh and thank you so much, for having the ability to be sure my info, is saved here. And thus, I won’t have to fill it in, again and again! Oh yes, thank you!!!!✨🍁🍂✨🍁🍂✨

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