a few good books


I have been on a decor and cookbook bender. I tried to get into a few books of fiction but it never seems to pan out.

or maybe I am trying to read what I think I should read versus what I actually want to read which is chic lit and mysteries

Perphas, I will look through my virtual and physical shelves and see if anything catches my eye.

or maybe I will just read about decorating and cooking and watch people talk about fiction.

my favorite booktuber these days is Jen Campbell

0 thoughts on “a few good books

  1. -chuckle- Perhaps…… You are _really_ reading, what you really _want_ to be reading?I kind of think, you may have left out, that possibility. -smile-✨🍁🍂✨🍁🍂✨

    1. lol. I am always thinking something sounds like a good idea and allowing it to sit for ages. trying to be more proactive and make a yes or no (for now decision on things)

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