We are all just doing the best we can

Trying to figure out how to simplify and even allow myself to make things I don’t love and not paint over them. Lol. This weekend , we got a art table for our front room. Don’t be jealous. It’s nothing fancy. Just a long folding table…that you can get anywhere but it proved to be magical around here. you see […]


Mixed media thangs

This month I rediscovered audio books. So, I’ve been listening to lots of Agatha Christie short stories (and longer mysteries) and painting…when possible. It’s been nice painting just for the love of it again. Playing in watercolor, pens and acrylic gouache Collage of some of this months work using color story’s app template. It’s Bae. My son picked out this […]


keep it simple, silly

My motto (lately) is —keep it simple, Silly. I am remembering there is only one me. I can only do so much in a day…an hour…dare I say, a lifetime. For some reason —it is a hard pill for me to swallow that — Things may not get done to my satisfaction, at all or immediately and that is okay…we […]


February Painting

Trying to loosen up and enjoy the process. After not regularly painting for a bit…this all feels a bit new. In a good way. Photo Template from color story app- template


Wednesday night

Sometimes the exhaustion Of these days just sneaks up on you. Until you become overwhelmed and shaky in your skin. Your arms tired from holding it all up and your lips chapped from all the words swallowed in the morning sun.  Who will we be on the other side of this? Is there an other side? Or just this moment. […]

creative practice / memory / self compassion / writing

inspiration has to find you working

Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working. – Pablo Picasso in truth, I have been resistant to write here or anywhere about things because I wanted to be careful of the narrative I was projecting into the world and into my own life. The world is complicated …to say the least. I have very little deep knowledge or philosophy to […]