a few good books

I have been on a decor and cookbook bender. I tried to get into a few books of fiction but it never seems to pan out. or maybe I am trying to read what I think I should read versus what I actually want to read which is chic lit and mysteries Perphas, I will look through my virtual and […]

art / selflove

letting go, too

there has been this nutty thought looming in my head about getting rid of most of my old journals. Or just keeping the ones that mean something to me or cutting out the pieces that do. when I think about all the things I’ve created I am happy I have created them but rarely do I go back and look […]



I recently finished craft-fulness: mend yourself by making things. the book did not present any earth shattering revelations but it did remind me of why I do what I do…i love it. I know that we are often told to monetize all the things (and there is nothing wrong with that) but it is also okay to just do things […]

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A list for today #1

List |Taking deep breathsMy kids. They are nuts but so fun. We are actually having a pretty decent summer and I say this because the past few have been bad bad. Keep us in your prayers.Not trying to solve anyone’s business but my own| minding my businessWaterVitaminsDandy blendOutside and chillLaughingLovingCookingBakingMusic…Tasha’s Cobbs break every chain.Reading. I’m going to try and finish […]