letting go, too


there has been this nutty thought looming in my head about getting rid of most of my old journals. Or just keeping the ones that mean something to me or cutting out the pieces that do.

when I think about all the things I’ve created I am happy I have created them but rarely do I go back and look at the older ones. my favorite journal is always my current one.

art is so funny. I always thought I was creating to hold on but maybe it’s about letting go, too.

2 thoughts on “letting go, too

  1. Oh please don’t! After my stroke, when I couldn’t read, write, speak, I threw away ALL my journaals, feeling they were mocking me… believing I’d never read or write again…Twelve years later, I’m journalling every day, as I used to, and I SOOOO regret throwing the journals away!! They were a part of me, my journey, my life – and now they’re gone 🙁

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