creative practice / selflove

nature as nurturer

it’s high key high summer. all of the town (and surrounding areas) are summering hard. I have adjusted my expectations for summer many times. it’s always a shock that I can only do so much in a given day and yet it is freeing. I am learning so much on the ground as a mother, a parent, a partner and […]

creative practice / photography / self compassion

finding a way

finding a way to thrive nestle your body in the cracks and allow your own feet to root reaching for the goodness beyond knowing that gives a soul rest the truth is it’s so easy to get wrapped in others but you can’t bloom if you don’t know who you are let the sun turn in you and remind you […]

creative practice / writing

showing up softly

the sun ebbs but flows feeling like a chickadee fluttering in the oregano still tasting the oil in my own pores wanting the soft warmth to reveal me and the chicory flowers to forgive me for doubting they would ever bloom

creative practice / photography


a garden is a delight to the eye and a solace for the soul Saadi a few garden and plant places that have been feeding my heart lately. it’s so hot and humid. getting out is tricky but the plants are always there waiting.