nature as nurturer

it’s high key high summer. all of the town (and surrounding areas) are summering hard. I have adjusted my expectations for summer many times. it’s always a shock that I can only do so much in a given day and yet it is freeing.

 I am learning so much on the ground as a mother, a parent, a partner and a woman person. I am trying to hear my own soul above the howling of others and it always leads to the plants and the ground we spin about on like we own it. my happiest place is always here in the weed-cultivated or not. they hold me, feed me, train me and show me what is true. I am listening to the dirt and the weeds and they say---the way to bloom in heat--- is to not take yourself too seriously, to let the water feed you and the sun strengthen you and trust in showing up you are gathering what you to be who you need to be. shine on but in your own way...the way that speaks to who you need to be at this time and place. trust your instincts and let them guide you true heart nourishment.