I am on the home stretch of nano. I don’t want to jinx myself because I can’t even believe it myself but I am excited. yes, my manuscript is a hot mess and a half but I don’t care. it is poetry and prose. short story and no story. it is a mess but my goal is to get it […]

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I am checking the forecast who,e the tea kettle readies itself to boil. The toddler and the cat are having a wee disagreement about who should sit on the top of the couch, the answer is really neither but I pick my battles.I have been working on national novel writing project. I thought it was going to be a novel […]


the point

from 2017– somewhere along the way, i internalized the idea that it was better to be opinion-less, emotionless, and benign. somewhere, i got the notion that these things would keep me protected, safe and powerful. of course, this is a nice lie. it sounds good in our head but usually has nothing to really do with us and love and […]

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Daily gratitude

There are a few gratitude challenges running this month that I enjoy- illustrated faith + in(courage). I started with the latter but found the illustrated faith one soon after. I really just like to read the scriptures associated with the prompts. It is a way for me ….to have a plan so to speak for bible reading. Otherwise, I would […]