Daily gratitude


There are a few gratitude challenges running this month that I enjoy- illustrated faith + in(courage). I started with the latter but found the illustrated faith one soon after. I really just like to read the scriptures associated with the prompts. It is a way for me ….to have a plan so to speak for bible reading. Otherwise, I would really just be reading my favorite books (which is okay) but you know I like variety😬🤣I have taken my old (classic) happy planner and refashioned it as a prayer journal with places for prayers, this month’s devotion (via Intouch ministries) ….I follow along m-s with the princess prayer warriors on YouTube. Right now they are doing a ten day reset…that is really interesting…of course none of these things are necessary for spiritual growth but they can be helpful. Especially for us folks that love paper bits and words.I have really been enjoying this practice of gratitude because it reminds me of the all the good and simple things that I take for granted. It keeps me focus on the present moment and helps me refocus my yearnings….or at least see them for what they are.

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