living from the heart. some thoughts on creative practice.

live from the heart but know what you need to know to do what needs to be done.

go your own way.

be your biggest cheerleader and hype person and keep going but don’t be afraid to pivot or change your approach or mind.

listen to others but live by your own inner pilot light.

shine how you want to shine and where you want to shine

if you want to shine

but don’t be afraid of cocooning

of letting things, ideas and people go or at least take up much energy.

that said–it’s okay to be steadfast. to dive in and just swim because it feels right and good.

failure is an option but so is stagnation

and so steadiness.

mix it all up.

unmix. remix.

just show up.

keep creating. if for no other reason than you want to or need to.

no hoops are needed.

use what you have.

make and make

and then make again.

until the making makes the maker


like dough


breathing earth and light

tenderly heated



rising as one/

with the ONE.