hope in my hands


I’ve been at it again. collecting books from the library that I really have no time to read. I really can’t help it though. stacks of books are like a comfort food for me. I think it’s because growing up I was surrounded by them.

I can remember the first time I went to the public library in my town. I really had no idea what is was…this place full of books. as I was a little kid, I was like a one of those yippie pups, with all the energy and mischief. I remember getting into the librarians stamps amongst other things.

the Texas prisoners built our fancy new library one summer, I think. it’s hard to say because Texas seasons kinda look all alike in my mine minus the trees.

I remember the orange jumpsuits or were they stripped and the chains but maybe that was a movie. isn’t it funny how reality and fiction merge in our memories?

I think the first books I officially checked out where baby-sitters club books. I love the babysitters club. I tried to start one up in my neighborhood but seeing that me and my friends were only on primary school that didn’t go to far. I also loved the sleep over friends and nancy drew.

one day I discovered Virgina Hamilton in a school book and fell in love. it was so nice to see stories with people like me…although I do like to read stories of people who are different…I think that reading those stories young though imparted on me that it’s okay for me to write things. of course that got complicated as I went through school and learned to write for the test and the teacher.

in my heart reading and writing are closely linked and they are both comfort foods. I would not call myself a good reader or writer but I do enjoy doing both as long as I can do them from the heart.

somehow in all this internet stuff that part got lost for me…when you write with one eye towards an audience…it takes some of the life out of for me.

I think it’s because rarely do I write what I know. I write to understand and heal and that is often non-linear and messy…I am not sure if it’s easily digestible.

these days, I roam the library not with not much in mind. I am not a fan of popular books because the hype makes it almost nerve racking to read unless it’s Louise Penny (and then I know I will likely be happy). I am usually just looking for something that catches my eye and my heart.

I don’t read to learn. although that can be useful( and does happen). Mostly, I read to know…to know others and myself…for the stories…to get inside a world language and be inspired to dive deeper into my own world.

I am inspired by pretty covers and a variety of subjects. mostly, though I am inspired by that little girl with wonky plaits and very bad fashion (that was me) pouring over the titles in a small one room library finding out that life was bigger than she ever thought.as she/I huddled her precious pile and loose change to pay her mother’s library fines ( yikes…I guess this trait run in the family) and headed by home..which was complicated place and word at the time.

if I am honest, I forgot all about that library until now. all I remember was the feeling of walking through the back fields of town, to my small world, with hope in my hands.

4 thoughts on “hope in my hands

  1. Haha, I usually make a point of NOT reading the books that are “trending”…partly due to my natural contrariness, partly due to the risk of disappointment. Mostly though, I’m contrary. :)Libraries have powerful magic…how can they not, they’re full of books? I think there have been more lives saved in libraries than in most hospitals.I love seeing those stacks of books….there’s some juicy stuff in those piles. xoxoxo

    1. I am contrary, too. and a but stubborn. if everyone’s doing it…I don’t want to do it. yikes. lol..there is just something comforting about libraries and stacks of books. I am slow meandering through it trying to talk myself out of buying any for my collection…the struggle is real…but sorta defeats the whole borrowing thing.

  2. What a lovely memory….-sigh-I don’t have such. I didn’t become familiar with such a place as a library, until much older. It hurts that I didn’t, because looking back, I would have loved to have. But life gives us, what it does, and I’m very happy that I did find all-those-books, eventually. -smile-And oh yes…. I fall for cover art, all the time. -grin-🍁🍂✨🍁🍂✨🍁

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