morning light


most mornings.

I like to–

to the watch the trees dance. their lives outside my window.


I go out and breathe them in. let the wind cup my face like a long lost lover.

this morning-

I woke up singing a song that I have forgotten the words to…but know the melody by heart. it’s in my head and won’t let go as I sweep the floor.

right now-

talking under my breath.forgetting to put the coffee filter in the pot. the *light knocking on the window.

*the irony of all the paper is not lost on me but they all went to a good home. maybe one day I will write something called in defense of paper or not…

5 thoughts on “morning light

  1. I have the same tangle of thoughts on paper, too….trees are wildly beloved to me, and yet I am an unapologetic stationery addict. I love ALL of the papery things. I try to make the best choices…but still, right?The evidence of your arting is pure delight. I like nothing better than the detritus of creation πŸ’• xoxo

  2. In this digital age, all use of paper, deserves a “pat on the back.” Way too much clicking going on. Less “scratching of pen on paper,” than used to be, in times before. ‘More’s the pity…πŸπŸ‚βœ¨πŸπŸ‚βœ¨πŸ

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