do what works for you

find yourself. your true self. in the moment.
live into it.
when that feels too large or too tight.

go outside. lean into the moment. smell the air. do something different. or do more of the same (as in the before times).

every action (or inaction) has a natural consequences…good and/or bad…depending on how you look at it.

there will be so much chatter either way about the perfect way to do a thing.

stop looking. stop adding. start listening. to you. the you in you.

find your way to you to that spark of light that is yours alone and all else will make sense.

you are not alone. you are you doing you and the creator of the world knows your name.

it is not magical thinking. it just is. just like you are just you.

put your ear to the earth inside and listen. it works for you.