living into celebration

the holiday season has snuck upon us. well, me.

I mean, I knew it was coming but I just didn’t realize it was coming so soon this year. my family was never one for traditional holidays in a traditional way but big holidays remind me of the gatherings we would have my aunts. I don’t know if I considered them fun but I did enjoy the food and the excitement of it all.

that said any holiday or celebration can bring up hard stuff for a variety of reasons. sitting with that all can be if that is where you find yourself , give yourself grace and do what you need to do to offer yourself solace.

as for me, I always like to think I am putting my own spin on the traditions I have inherited. that I am making a choice in my living into celebration and I hope I do it in a graceful way…whatever that entails at any moment. may it be so for us all.