Walk on the water

Stop listening to voices that aren’t yours

Voices that would make you doubt your purpose and power.

Get the broom from the closet and sweep it all away. What remains is what belongs but if that feels too tight it’s okay to sweep again until the bones are healed and the foundation mended.

Beyond words there is the water that you must walk on. You must trust that if you step that the waves will carry you to safe refuge.

But you must step. As imperfectly as it will be. You will be stepping into your own house of belonging. And the g-d of life will meet you there/carry you if need be.

And you will feel the softness of wildness and glory in your stomach has replaced all your fears.

The water will be there. It will always be there but it will be friend and helpmate.

Look out and see the weeping willow.

It will welcome you from the edge with a beautiful smile.

All is well/rejoice.