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Retreat Into the softness of sunshine on a spring morning. Let yesterday’s rain make puddles on your skin and deep inside your knowingness you will begin to heal the bedrock of your soul. Let the weather be what it will be. A feast of moods but you will lay down on the Johnson grass and clovers while the sugar gums […]

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What if you just trust The unfolding? What if you believe That it is all coming together for your own good? No matter how you have been burned and forgotten and sorrow knows your name too well…what if those stories are only a part and not the whole of you? Allow your focus to soften and your soul to rise […]

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There is nothing to prove You don’t have to get it perfect to be worthy of your deepest dreams Your blessings and your love are connected to the infinite heart of mercy. let it whirl upon your lip and drip into your heart full of its grace. Give thanks for the flood of sunshine and flowers They don’t belong to […]

self compassion

Gentle return

Let go of your orderly ways and your thoughts for a moment and lay on the cloudy ground. Let it’s softness squish into your heart/ let the softness of dirt and old leaves find any hard places in your soul. Let this little spot be the place you will find rest. All you need is here. And all you know […]

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Light is finding you and singing over your whole body home. Let the love manifest and overwhelm your senses with ecstasy and truth. You are like the pine. Soft and gentle. But a force to behold. Your sweetness is nurturing and welcoming to your life fire. Let the goodness within spread and radiate into every crevice of your being and […]

creative practice / self compassion / selflove


Balance Is an illusion that they sell At all the places Telling you to try this and that because surely it will fill in all the holes you offer to the world What if you ask them if these holes could be of any use instead? What would they say? Would they encourage you to cover it all aggressively because […]